When it comes to safety culture is everything.

In all cases, safety culture has become vital for a company to do business.


When it comes to safety management, the team is responsible for results from top to bottom. Here are some ideas to improve safety in the workplace.

Commitment and Communication: Holding safety meetings with all employees to communicate safety and health goals, objectives and policies.

A support system is needed for personnel involved in all inspection and accident reports that are part of your safety and health program. Review inspection and reports ensure that follow-up and corrective actions occur.

Lead by Example: Ensure all managers and supervisors follow all safety requirements (example PPE) that apply to all employees, even when only in an area briefly. 

Utilize employees specializing in the knowledge of job tasks in your facility. Encourage employees to buy into the program by having them complete inspections, conduct safety training, or investigate accidents.

Roles and Responsibility: Make assignments clear and understandable to employees responsible for the safety and health program. The more involvement, the better. Establish safety and health responsibilities in the same way you assign production responsibilities. Make it a part of everyone’s job to work safely.

Have the resources available employees time, training, money, and authority to get the job done.

Measure Success: Actions are necessary for the safety and health program. After you assign the task, having an action list with employees responsible for the task completion date. Recognize and reward those who do well and coach those who need help.

Review what has been accomplished in monthly meetings. The company objectives should be evaluated and re-evaluate whether there’s a need for new objectives or program revisions.

Accountability: Establish an accountability system where all personnel will be held responsible for not following work rules designed to promote workplace safety and health.

Sustaining a high level of safety and security takes a team effort without upper management leadership the rest of the program has no chance of succeeding. If there’s an interest in finding out more about how to better your safety program. Send an email today at

Written By Dan Goosen
Dan Goosen